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USC Graduate Student Celebrates His Graduation By Taking Photoshoot At Panda Express

    A 22-year-old Business Administration major Garey Gan Said that the  Panda Express has been a huge staple and symbol of Asian America.

    One of the graduates at the University of Southern California (USC) does his celebrations by posing in front of the Camera. It is indeed a shocking news for many people.

    Gan is a Malaysia resident, he came to California for completing his USC. For 6 years he is staying in California.

    Soon after completion of the USC Graduate degree, he came to the Panda Express for the Celebrations. He also posted on his Instagram that, his success would not be possible without the Chow Mein.

    Chow Mein At Panda Express
    Chow Mein At Panda Express

    Adding to the above, Gan also said that, it was the Panda Express which brought him great comfort in his college days.

    Further, he also stated that, In between the classes or late at nights, if he wants to eat healthy food which reminds his house. Then, he would prefer Panda Express, rice, and chow mein will be available there.

    Garey gan at panda express
    Garey Gan At Panda Express

    Garey Gan About Panda Express

    During my college days, if I want comfort food which resembles my home, then, I will choose the rice and chow mein at Panda Express.

    About Gan Early Days

    To complete his high school, Garey Gan Came to Canada from Malaysia six year ago. He completed his high school at Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

    Further, he moved to Los Angeles to attend USC. Gan also said that, he learnt a lot of identity by connecting with many students of Asian American.

    Adding to the above statement, sometimes I may think that I am an Asian American for spending more than 6 years here. But, ultimately I am not an American, Gan said.

    Moreover, the USC Panda Express Location is available at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center. This is the location where he used to eat his favorite food.

    Now, with the photographer Emily Rose Smith he is celebrating by taking photos. Moreover, this photo shoot took place around 8 AM in the morning.

    In one of the statements, a representative of the Rosemead-based Panda Express stated that. They will be happy, if their customers celebrates their success.

    Adding to the above statement, he also said that, they will be very happy to witness the live celebrations at their restaurant.

    Gan never compares the Panda Express food with their Chinese food. As both of them is of different genre.

    Concluding this, Gan also said that, he took his parents to the USC Panda Express Restaurant. As his parents asked him about his go-to places. Gan said to their parents that, it was his favorite place.

    The above photos are taken from the Garey Gan Instagram Account.

    Well, this is the complete story of Malaysian Boy (Gan) who celebrates his success at the Panda Express.

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