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A Man Arrested For Pointing The Loaded Gun At Panda Express Restaurant

    Belmont Police arrested a man for pointing a gun (Pistol) on another man.

    This incident happens on Friday afternoon. Antoine Thornton, a 51-year-old person is arrested immediately for pointing a loaded gun on another person.

    Well coming in detail about the incident. A 51-year-old man Antoine Thornton is standing in a queue at the Panda Express Restaurant at 1050 El Camino Real.


    About the Incident By Chief Deputy District Attorney

    At that time, he got bumped with the shoulders of 49-year-old East Palo Alto man. So, the man asked, whether Thornton needs more space in the line.

    For that, Thornton replied to a man with the word “hold on” and went to this car.

    He opened the car and took a loaded pistol with him and enters the Panda Express Restaurant. Therefore, he went to the 49 year old man, and pointed the fully loaded piston to his head.

    Also, said that, “what will you do now.” Moreover, all the above information is given by the Chief Deputy District Attorney Al Serrato.

    So, with this incident, there are the big screaming amount the patrons. Well, some of the patrons were running outside the restaurant. At that time, the Police officers are at the 1000 block of El Camino.

    Among the customers, one of them said that a man has a gun inside. So, with this information, the Belmont Police rushed fastly and took him into the custody.

    man arrested at panda express

    Does A Case Filed On Him?

    Yes indeed, the case file on him is assault with a firearm and commercial burglary. Further, if it is proven guilty on both the given cases, then, he will be in prison for 19 years, Serrato said.

    Further, the case burglary is kept on him for running into the restaurant to commit the crime.

    Moreover, to avail a bail for Thornton, he should pay $100,000. He will be moved to the court on June 10th.

    This incident is one of the trending news in Belmont.

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